Worst Ways to Dump Someone

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worst way to dump someoneWhile you can never avoid hurting someone when you say goodbye, what you can do is to at least show some respect to the person. Don’t just dump your partner like a trash. Be considerate of the feelings of the person. Besides, you once loved the person and he/ she has been a part of your life. Learn how to be humane when breaking up with your partner. For you to do it without being so cruel, try to avoid some of the worst ways to dump someone which are listed below.

  • Through text message. This is a very popular means of communication nowadays. It’s very convenient and cheap. However, there are instances which make it inappropriate like when you are putting an end to a relationship. It should be avoided because it’s very rude to just say goodbye over text.
  • Through an e-mail. Similar to text message, this is also a rude way to end a relationship. It’s not enough that you just write it in there and you’re done. Aside from it is really rude, it is also unfair to the person.
  • Through chat. Just like the first two ways, breaking up with someone over chat is also a bad way.
  • In a public place. Although there are some people who tell that they prefer breaking up in public because it is less emotional, it should be avoided because it isn’t the proper place. Breaking up should be done in a private place because you cannot really avoid getting emotional when you know you are losing someone you love. Spare the person from public humiliation.

When you respect the emotions and rights of others, more likely you will get the same thing in return. Always try to do better things. Avoid playing with somebody’s heart. Be brave enough to end the relationship face-to-face and in a nice way.




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