Will a Relationship Work with too Many Differences?

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Will a Relationship Work with too Many DifferencesEvery individual is unique and special. This is why we have the so-called individual differences. No two people are alike. Twins may be identical physically but they still have differences from one another. They have things in common but they also have differences.

In a romantic relationship, two different individuals are involved to make it work. More often, you get attracted with someone who is pretty different from you. As the law of attraction says, “Opposite poles attract”. This is really true. The differences actually add color to life. They are the ones that make life challenging. But what if there are too many difference and they are irreconcilable? Can a relationship survive this kind of test? Will a relationship work with too many differences? How do couples make their relationship work despite many differences? Let’s discuss whether a relationship into this kind of situation will work or not.

Too many differences can cause a couple to fight over thins, even the trivial ones. If one says this and the other says that, there will be clash between the two. This could lead to a conflict or fight. This is perfectly fine for as long as it isn’t so frequent. What happens if you find yourselves always ready to fight and defend or insist what you believe is true? Your relationship will be a total mess. It would be very unhealthy. Frequent fights would lead to loss of love and failure of your relationship.

There’s a need for you to have a degree of similarity. You cannot just go on without finding something that you both share. Doing so will help you survive. Do not always insist what you want. There should be a give and take relationship to make it work. Come to an agreement so you can show that you respect each other’s differences. You need to meet your mutual needs.

A relationship will work if the couples do not just focus on their differences. They should find something that could bridge the gap among your opposing views and values.




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Date: September 29, 2011 | Category: General
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