Why Women Cheat

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women cheatThere’s a reason in every act. Every thing that we do has triggers. We do a thing out of a purpose. Sometimes, we commit mistakes unwillingly. It is a product of our weaknesses as humans. On the other hand, we also do certain things because of the triggers that we cannot control or fight. We become so vulnerable and we end up doing something that we actually didn’t plan.

Cheating is not always planned. Some just find themselves committing it already. Ever affair is different from one another. Most men cheat because of sexual desires. They want more and more sex. They want to try how it feels like with other women that’s why we have the so-called extramarital sex. On the other hand, women don’t cheat because of lustful desires. There are other reasons why women cheat and these include the following:

  • Emotional connection. This is one of the major reasons why women cheat. They fall in love and experience emotional intimacy with other men. They are not after the physical connection. There may be exceptions but only a few. Women’s yearning for emotional satisfaction pushes them to cheat when they cannot find it in their partner.
  • Women cheat when they feel that they are taken for granted by their husband or boyfriend. They try to find the feeling that they are worthy of attention and affection from other men. They want to feel that they are not just for household chores.
  • When they feel unhappy with their relationship, they also tend to seek happiness from other men. They establish a new relationship with another man with the hope in their heart that they will find happiness in the arms of this new guy.
  • Boredom in a relationship can also lead to infidelity. When there’s no more fun in it and it feels like everything is monotonous, women try to seek adventures with other men.

Cheating isn’t destiny. It’s a choice whether to cheat or not to cheat. Think about the act before doing anything.




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