What Turns Men Off?

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What Turns Men OffEveryone has preferences. Some men like quiet girls while others like the opposite. There are things that turn some men on that turn others off. It’s really hard to predict their preferences but it would be a lot helpful to know and understand some of the general things that turn guys off. Avoid turning boys off by reading the following:

  • Appearance: Guys are visually motivated or aroused so it means that you need to take good care of your appearance. Make sure that you look and smell good. Be neat all the time. Maintain a good body figure.
  • Kiss and tell: There are things that you have to keep for yourself. You don’t need to tell everything to your friends. Some women are like this. If you want to keep your man and your relationship, don’t do it.
  • Talk smack: It’s perfectly fine to tell your guy how you feel about a certain person but don’t overdo it. Men don’t like a woman who talks so much.
  • Nagger: When you talk so much, chances are your boyfriend will lose interest in you. Don’t act like his mother who scolds him when he has done something not so good.
  • No confidence: Love yourself and the things that you have. Don’t be insecure. Avoid comparing yourself to other women. You should feel beautiful and be confident with yourself so that your guywill feel the same way for you.
  • Weak personality: Show your man that you are firm in making decisions. Don’t consult him every now and then.
  • Complains: If you keep on complaining about the world, you will drive your man away.
  • Demanding: If you don’t want to turn him off, don’t act like you are a princess who needs to be served by him.

Most of the things that turn guys off also turn you off. Avoid doing the things that turn men off. You should focus on the things that turn men on like intimacy, romance, pleasing personality, honesty and loyalty, sexy lingerie, and others. Most of the time, your moments in bed are the ones that turn guys on. Just find out the thing that tickles your man. Once you find it, use it to your advantage.




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Date: April 22, 2011 | Category: General
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