What to Do if your Girlfriend is Pregnant?

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unwanted pregnancy - girlfriend is pregnantUnmarried women can get pregnant nowadays due to pre-marital sex. It’s now very common in the society. People who are into intimate relationships engage in sexual intercourse. This often results to unwanted pregnancy. Those who are not ready for this become depressed and they consider abortion as one of the best options.

This is so sad because babies should be a labor of love and not a labor of lust. They should be treasured like a precious gem because they are a blessing from God. However, you can’t really blame them because they are confused and troubled. There are men who don’t have the backbone to face responsibilities. Read the following tips and learn how to be responsible.

  • Keep your promises when you got your girlfriend or fiancée pregnant. Don’t just leave her hanging.
  • Be brave enough to face the consequences of your act. You are the father and you should act like a father.
  • Be supportive to your girlfriend, even if you don’t want to make her your wife. She bears your child and she needs your time, care, and support to nourish the baby well.
  • Don’t be selfish. Abortion is not the answer to your problem. Give your child the chance to live and enjoy the world. If you have to sacrifice some things in your life in order for you to keep the baby then do it.
  • Comfort the woman with your words and assure her that it’s going to be alright. Take good care of her.
  • Avoid making her suffer emotionally to ensure that the baby will be healthy. Don’t tell her painful words. Bear with her when she has mood swings. Pregnant women tend to be moody. It’s a part of the process.
  • Get a good job or keep your job so you can support the girl and the baby financially. You need to save money for them. Think of your baby’s future.
  • Take her to the doctor regularly to monitor her condition and to know the condition of the baby. You need to protect them both so they won’t get sick. Be a responsible boyfriend.

Got your girlfriend pregnant? Well, congratulations! You are going to be a daddy really soon!




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