What Physical Things Attract Women to Men

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women attract to menIt is a natural tendency that women get attracted with men. Men and women were created to be with each other. Men are for women and vice versa. Curiosity strikes in when you begin to wonder what things attract women to men and the other way around. Let’s discuss what physical things attract women to men. Take a look at the following list.

  • Eyes. These are the most expressive parts of the body. When the eyes are expressive, they could catch the attention of a woman. There are also women who are mesmerized by large and clear eyes.
  • Teeth. Having a good set of teeth really adds to your sex appeal. It is something that women look for in a man. This shows that a man has a good oral hygiene which is really important.
  • Hair. The haircut and hairstyle of a man matters. There are women who are attracted with men who have long hair. There are also those who are hooked up with well-groomed men.
  • Height. For most girls, size does matter. They find tall men appealing and attractive. Women prefer those who are taller than them. This gives them a sense of pride and at the same time a sense of security.
  • Posture. Men with good and proper posture are also attractive to women. The way men carries themselves is important. There should be manly attitude.
  • Body. The body shape or physique of men is also one of the considerations women look into.

These are the physical objects that attract and seduce women to men. Does your man have these? Well, you will find it difficult to see all of these in one package.




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Date: July 27, 2011 | Category: Love Attraction Tips
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