What is the Best Way to End a Relationship?

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ending a relationshipThey say that there’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart. There’s no easy way to say goodbye to someone who has been a part of your life for quite sometime. It is even harder when you’ve been in a long term relationship and now you want to quit for some reason. Breaking up is never easy. It takes a lot of courage for you to be able to do it, particularly if your boyfriend or girlfriend has done nothing to hurt you.

Relationship Tips

What’s the best way to end a relationship? There’s no best way to end a relationship (if it’s a healthy one). But it won’t harm you considering the following tips and pieces of advice.

  • When trying to end a bad relationship, you can easily do it by just saying your true feelings. Tell your partner that you are no longer happy with what you have and that you are sick and tired.
  • When trying to end a good relationship, it becomes difficult. To end your love to a person who has been good to you is really a big problem. You can’t think of ways to get out of the relationship.
  • The best way to finish a romantic relationship is to do it in person. It should be done face to face. Although it is hard, it’s the best option you have. Don’t do it over text or over chat. Sending her a break up letter isn’t good either. Respect the person’s emotions. Be considerate.
  • When asking for the right time to break up, you can do it when the person is not committed to a big event or gathering. It will ruin the whole thing if you do it before the event. Avoid breaking up with the person when he/she seems to be tired or sick. Get the perfect timing.
  • Be honest with the person. Don’t give reasons that are not really true. Prepare yourself to answer the question “Why?”
  • Make it simple and direct. Don’t go around the bush.
  • After giving your reasons, leave the person and don’t promise anything. That’s the best way to leave a relationship.

How do you Know when to End a Relationship?

How do you know when to give up on a relationship? When you are deliberately harmed physically and emotionally and your relationship affects your productivity, then it’s time to put an end.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Break up?

It’s actually hard to manage but you have to accept it and move on. Spend time with friends and make yourself busy. You’ll soon notice that the pain is gone and you’re just fine. By that time, you will be a lot stronger and better.

When breaking up with your partner, you should be ready to do it. If you are in doubts, don’t do it. You might regret it for the rest of your life.




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