What is Casual Dating

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Man and Woman Casual DatingCasual dating is one of the most common types of dating and relationship. It differs from any other types of date in the sense that it is less serious. Its dictionary definition actually goes like this, “It is an evening, a meal, or a get-together of some kind in which there’s no expectation of further and serious commitment on either side. Both sides are actually free to terminate any sense of relationship as well.”

Casual dating involves the meeting of two people for lunch or dinner without any expectation at all. It doesn’t involve any sense of seriousness. You can meet your casual date through online dating sites and casual personals. After talking or chatting for quite some time, you may agree to meet up. This is actually one of the very common dates that most couples try.

When you are into this kind of dating, you allow yourself to get to know the person well without any pressure. Since it isn’t a serious date, you don’t necessarily involve your emotions. You just enjoy the company of each other doing the activities that you both enjoy. This is another good point of casual dating. It prevents you from getting hurt. You can try it and quit it once it doesn’t work for you because there’s no string attached between the two of you. This is a lot different from an exclusive date.

Furthermore, you can also date with other people at the same time when you are in this kind of dating. You don’t have a commitment with one person so you don’t need to worry about him/ her.

Casual Dating Ideas/ Advice

  • Opt for lunch instead of dinner to make it more casual.
  • Watch a sport event together.
  • Have your date at a coffee shop.
  • Parks are one of the romantic places you can go for casual dating

I hope that this post has somehow answered some of the FAQ about casual dating. Enjoy dating!




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