What Builds a Healthy Relationship

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What Builds a Healthy RelationshipIt’s a fact of life that problems, conflicts, and challenges are inevitable. What you can do is you can minimize them and try to control their effect or impact on your life. One good way to minimize problems in a relationship is by building it through a good and strong foundation. When you have a healthy foundation, chances are you will have a good relationship. Consider the following tips on what builds a healthy relationship. Check the list below:

  • Acceptance. It is already given that nobody is perfect. Whatever flaws and imperfections your partner may have, you have to deal with them without taking them against him or her. If the imperfections have a great effect on your relationship, that’s the time that you do something.
  • Respect. Give your partner high regard and you should extend it to the people close to his or her heart. Pay attention to what your other half says. Respect whatever beliefs or principles he or she has. Another way of showing respect is avoiding the things that may cause pain to the person.
  • Trust. The logic is if you want your partner to have trust in you, you also need to do the same thing, that is, to show that you have trust in him or her, too. Avoid being too suspicious because it will only drive you crazy. Let your partner go out with his or her friends once in a while. Once you have gained your partner’s trust, you should not destroy it. Stay faithful and loyal.
  • Appreciation. Show your sense of appreciation to the things the person does for you. Be grateful for the good things done for your relationship. Appreciate even little things. Your appreciation will make your partner feel good. Another way of appreciating is by giving positive comments or simply compliments. Your sincere compliments will build his or her confidence, making her feel better about himself/ herself.
  • Communication. Practice being open to each other so you will not find it hard to discuss issues.

Here are some of the things that you need to build a healthy relationship. Try your best to make them work for your relationship.




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Date: September 20, 2011 | Category: Relationship Advice & Issues
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