Ways to Dump a Guy

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woman dumps a guyNot all relationships are meant to last for a long time. Most of them fail at some point or another. When it isn’t meant to last, you will feel it in the course of your relationship. If you want to quit a relationship you are into but you don’t know how because you got a great guy then check the following list of ways to dump a guy. You can get rid of your boyfriend through the following ideas.

  • Face-to-face. Tell the guy quickly that you want to quit the relationship because you are no longer happy.  If you feel that there’s a need for you to explain further then do it but as much as possible keep it short. If the guy wants to know the reasons why you are dumping him go on and enumerate the reasons right on his face.
  • Do it privately. To show at least a little amount of respect, find a good timing to breakup with him. There’s never a good timing for the guy because being dumped is not fun at all but at least consider the time and the place. Go to his house and open it up. Say “Thank you”, “Sorry”, and “Goodbye” then leave him at his comfort zone. This is the best way to end a relationship. Doesn’t it sound easy?
  • Little by little, get your things from his place. This will make him think of your pan. He will have an idea of what you are planning and he can prepare himself in advance. One good thing about this is that you won’t have to go to his place after the breakup since you have moved all your things already.

As people say, “There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart.” No matter how you do it and no matter what method you use, there will be pain and agony still. What you can only do is to at least try to lessen the pain that the breakup may cause.




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[…] up with your partner. For you to do it without being so cruel, try to avoid some of the worst ways to dump someone which are listed […]

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