Warning Signs of Marital Trouble

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signs of marital problemsHaving arguments in a marriage or any relationship is a natural thing. Occurrence of arguments may be occasional or frequent. Married couples have their own share of ups and downs, burdens, and dilemmas. However, there are times when fights can get so frequent to the extent that the stability of marriage is already weakened. When it seems like fights become so unhealthy and the room for compromise is closed, it is a sign that the marriage is in trouble. Check some other warning signs of marital trouble. The warnings are listed below.

  • Coldness. If there’s an ice between you and your partner, there must be something wrong. The emotional attachment is no longer in there. You have the feeling of distance although you are together physically. This becomes obvious when you no longer feel the urge to feel and kiss each other. Intimacy becomes a thing of the past.
  • Infidelity. Another obvious sign of marital trouble is cheating. When one starts to have an affair, it clearly shows the loss of respect.
  • Communication problems. There is communication problem when you stop sharing your feelings and thoughts with your spouse. You are the last to know what your partner is going through. This could mean that the emotional connection and trust are gone.
  • Frequent criticism. You often hear destructive criticisms from your spouse which leads to low self-esteem. Everything you do isn’t right.
  • Incompatibility. You no longer compromise. You don’t try to reconcile your differences and incompatibilities. You make simple things complicated.

These are some of the signs that your marriage is in trouble and at the verge of falling apart. Do something to save it if you still care.




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Date: April 10, 2012 | Category: Marriage Problems
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