Tips to Make your Girlfriend Happy

  posted by: Amber Ford



making your girlfriend happyTo make your girlfriend stay with you, there’s a need for you to make her happy. Some men think that it is hard to make girls happy but it’s not true. You can make girls happy just by doing simple things. You don’t need to be rich to make your girlfriend happy. You just have to do things like the following techniques to make your girlfriend happy.

  • Show her how much you love her by saying that you are happy having her in your life. Tell her that she is your happiness. Your girlfriend will feel special upon hearing this.
  • Compliment her to boost her self-esteem. Tell her how beautiful she is. Be generous with sweet compliments.
  • Be appreciative with the things she does for you. Know how to say thank you.
  • Plan soft and sweet kisses on her cheek or forehead, not just on her lips. Those kisses are even sweeter sometimes.
  • Hold her hand while walking to let people know that you are proud of her.
  • If you want to make her happy, don’t forget the special days of her life. Celebrate them with her.
  • Surprise her with the things that she loves. Give her gifts when she least expects them like flowers and box of chocolate.
  • Be loyal and faithful to her to make her happy and feel special. Don’t ever think of cheating on her. Infidelity is unforgivable.
  • Show her that you care for her to make her feel that she is important. Ask about her day. Ask about her ideas when you are into decision making.
  • Shower her with love and attention. Don’t neglect her. Be available for her when she needs someone.
  • Don’t make her think that the only thing you want from her is sex. Treat her with respect when she is not yet ready for it.

When you follow these pieces of advice, I am pretty sure that your girlfriend will want you more. Be her hero and knight. Make her feel that she is secured when she’s with you and she will love you more and more. Stay in love with her and enjoy a healthy relationship.




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