Tips to Keep your Woman Happy

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Tips to Keep your Woman HappyHappiness is one important factor that keeps a relationship strong. If both parties feel happy having each other, the chance of keeping the relationship is greater. When you are both happy and satisfied with what you have, you will not think of leaving each other. You will not think of stepping out of the relationship. When you are happy, you will stay by your partner’s side. You will stick together through thick or thin. You will keep your promises with each other. When you are happy, you will not ask for more. You will feel blessed with what you have. This is happiness. Now, keep your woman happy and you will have her forever. Learn some tips to keep your woman happy.

  • Respect her. Some men forget the importance of showing respect to a woman. When she says no, respect her decision. Moreover, avoid using foul language when talking to her. Avoid insisting what you want when she thinks it isn’t right. Another way of showing that you respect her is by listening to her. When she wants to tell you something, you should lend your ears. You must also respect her individuality. You don’t actually own her.
  • Be honest. You cannot make her happy with your lies. She deserves to know the truth so as much as possible, be honest to her.
  • Be faithful. If you are used to flirting with girl around, you must stop it now. Give your undivided attention to her. It is not good to see you chatting with women over Facebook or any messengers. You should not be seen going out with other women.
  • Be sensitive. Know your responsibilities as a man. You should know the part that you need to play even if she doesn’t tell you. Use your common sense to know if she feels good or not. Pay attention to her facial expressions if she is doing fine or you need to cheer her up.
  • Be generous. You should know that women simply love gifts, no matter how small they are. Surprise her with something. Don’t wait for a special occasion.
  • Be available. When she needs a company because she is going through something, you must be there for her. Be her crying shoulders. Wipe her tears.
  • Have sense of humor. Make her laugh with your funny but not corny jokes. Cheer her up on a gloomy day.

It isn’t really hard to make a woman happy. Your sincere compliments are even enough to make her feel good and happy. With your own simple ways, make her special and that will bring happiness.




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