Tips on Dating a Coworker

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coworker datingWhen dating someone from your workplace, it comes with advantages and disadvantages. Although it may sound really amazing to have someone you are interested in within your reach, this kind of relationship can also lead to complications that may affect not just your personal life but your career as well. Dating your boss or your co-worker could lead your job at risk once you do the wrong move. This is the reason why it is not really advisable to establish a romantic relationship with someone from your office or company. Flirting with someone at your office is so unethical.

FAQ on Dating a Co-worker

Let’s try to answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this kind of dating.

How to Ask a Coworker to Go on a Date?

Let the person know you are interested and you have a crush on her. You can send an email or leave something on her desk. Don’t try to touch her because she might get it wrong. Then after establishing good rapport, then it’s time to ask the person out. You can do it personally.

How to Tell if your Coworker is Attracted to you?

Observe the person. If she accepts your invitation and responds to your email and answers your call, it’s a good sign that she is interested in you.

What are the Things to Consider when Dating a Coworker?

Take a look at the following dating tips, techniques, and instructions to guide you on your date.

  • Check the policy of your company if you are allowed to date a colleague. If you aren’t why don’t you put it off? You have to choose between dating your colleague and your job.
  • Keep it private. You can’t let people know especially when you are dating with your boss. This is one good dating advice that you should consider.
  • Avoid asking her out when there are people around.
  • Avoid showing affection when you are inside your office. Flirting with her in front of your colleagues will create serious troubles.
  • Don’t let your relationship interfere with your job. If you have issues, try not to bring them in the office.
  • If you can’t hide your relationship, better find another job so you can be open and there’s no need for you to keep it a secret. This is one strategy to get away from further complication.

Breaking up with the person can also affect your productivity especially if you have to discuss things together. That’s why this type of dating is discouraged.




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