Tips for Dating Someone of Different Religion

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dating different religionReligion is a factor to be considered when dating someone. It affects dating choices. You have to check whether the person you are dating with is of the same religion or not. What happens if you have different religious beliefs and views? There will be misunderstanding and chaos in your dating relationship. You can still date the person though but with some considerations. Check the list of tips for dating someone of different religion.

  • On the first date, try to focus on different topics even if you know already that the person belongs to a different religion. As much as possible, spend your time talking about other things other than your faith. You can talk about hobbies or interests.
  • Show respect. Do not mock on the person’s faith or religion. Do not laugh at the things that they do as a part of their church obligations. You have to show that you completely respect whatever beliefs the person has. Don’t make a fuss out of the person’s religion. It is better to remain silent to avoid offending the person. Do not force the person to do things that are against his/ her faith. Do not order dishes that the person cannot eat.
  • Enjoy your similarities. Find your similarities despite your religious differences and use them to make your relationship better. Try to ignore your differences or incompatibilities or try to reconcile them if you can.
  • Try to embrace the faith. If you are really into the person, you can sacrifice your own faith and join him/ her so you can overcome the problem.
  • Do not brag about your religion. Boasting about your own faith will not help you. It will not make your relationship better and stronger. It will lead you to a conflict instead.

Religion should not be the reason for you not to enjoy your relationship with your partner. You just need to be respectful and if you can sacrifice your own faith, it will make things better.




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Date: November 27, 2012 | Category: Dating Tips
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