Tips for a Blind Date

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blind date tipsGoing on a blind date could be an exciting experience for anyone. What makes it fun and exciting is that you have no idea on what kind of person your date is. You might know some things about the person but not so comprehensive. More often than not, you also don’t know how the person looks like. Some are just so clueless. That gives the thrill in it. However, a blind date isn’t just about the thrill. You also have to think of your safety and how to make it a successful date. Learn some ideas and tips for a blind date.

  • Think of your safety. Inform a friend or family friend of your plan. You’ve got to give the location and time of your date. Bring your phone with you. If it’s possible go to your meeting place days before your date so you could familiarize yourself with it. You would know where to run in case of emergencies. Bringing someone with you is also a good way to ensure your safety.
  • Wear something decent. The clothes you wear should be appropriate with the nature of your date. Don’t be overdressed.
  • Agree to meet in a public place. There’s nothing wrong meeting someone you don’t know but you need to consider the location. It is much safer to meet in a public place. This advice is for your safety.
  • Talk about interesting topics. This will break the ice between the two of you.
  • Take extra precaution. Don’t feel so comfortable with the person no matter who arranged the date for you. It’s best to be careful. Pay attention to your drink.
  • Be polite.  Show your manners to your date.
  • Bring a friend with you is also a good technique to make sure you will be safe.
  • End the date in 3 hours.

These ideas and techniques will guide you in making your date a good one. Enjoy the date with precaution.





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Date: August 19, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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