Things that Annoy Guys about Girls

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annoy guyThe world of men will never be colorful without the presence of women. Women give vibrant colors to a man’s world. A woman is also a source of inspiration and motivation. That’s the reason why they say that in every man’s success is a woman. The irony is women are also the source of sorrow and annoyance of men. There are many things women do that men hate. Check the list of the things that annoy guys about girls.

  • Spending an hour to prepare themselves. Men generally get annoyed because of this. Wherever girls do they spend so much time getting dressed.
  • Whining. Girls whine about almost everything about life like the weather, another woman’s hair, your mother, her mom, and etc. These are just trivial but they seem to irk women.
  • Talk too much. It’s already given that girls talk really too much. They don’t get tired talking about a lot of things, even the unimportant ones. On an average, women say more than 5000 words in a day. This is according to statistics.
  • Women love too many pillows on the bed. Men don’t understand why there’s a need for several pillows while in fact, only two people can be accommodated. Before you can find a suitable position, you have to relocate the pillows on it.
  • Fickle-mindedness. Women can change their mood or plans in just a few minutes. One minute they’re happy, the next they’re mad. This kind of thing drives men crazy!
  • Too emotional. They cry easily and they can use it to change the story. They’d use it to change the direction of the wind.
  • Shop too much. Even if they don’t really need new clothes, they go to department stores and buy too many things.

People, especially men really find women unpredictable and mysterious. If you are a boyfriend of a woman who has the aforementioned characteristics, well I wish you good luck! But if you truly love her, you don’t mind her being one.




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Date: July 1, 2011 | Category: General
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