Things Men Should Never Say to Women

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things you should never say to womanWomen are a lot more sensitive compared to men. They get hurt with words that you tell them even if you don’t really mean to hurt them. There are really things men say to women that are offensive to women. Before you even say something, think about it first. What are some things that men should never say to women? Pay attention to the following list and try to avoid them.

  • You should never say that her friend or sister is hot. The word hot should always be used to refer to her. When you are talking to her, don’t ever mention the word unless you refer to her.
  • Never ask if a woman is pregnant, especially if you really know she isn’t. It’s just that she’s gaining weight and her belly is getting bigger. Don’t insult her.
  • Don’t ever ask her age. Women hate to reveal their true age. They hate to grow old so as much as possible do not ask her age. It’s something private and they just want to keep to themselves. Their age is one of a woman’s private things.
  • Don’t say that a dress makes her look fat. Women really hate it when they hear from men that they look fat. Women are just so concerned with their body figure and so be careful with what you say.
  • Don’t scream other woman’s name while making love. This is just an insult to her. Be sensitive with your female partner.
  • Don’t tell her that she looks like her mother. No one wants to look like someone a lot older.
  • Don’t tell her that you are better than her father. You cannot say that you are better than her hero. Girls simply love their dad.
  • Don’t tell her that you don’t like her hairstyle. The hair is her sensitive area and you should appreciate it.
  • Never compare her to your ex girlfriend. Nobody wants to be compared with anyone. You’ve got to respect individuality.

They say that honesty is the best policy but sometimes you don’t have to be vocal with what you observe about a certain person. Just keep it to yourself. That way you can avoid hurting the feelings of that person. Instead of telling her those things, why don’t you tell the lines that women love to hear like “You’re beautiful”, “You’re hot”, and “I love you” and you will make her day.





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