The Signs of Break up in a Marriage

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Signs of Break up in a MarriageMarriage is not supposed to be broken. It is a sacred union of two people who made their vows to love each other until their last breath. The couple tied by marriage is supposed to love each other through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and for better or worse. They are supposed to stick together and only death should separate them. When problems come along, they should face and solve them hand in hand. But for some reason, some marriages fail. Unfortunately, the husband and wife end up breaking up leaving their home wrecked.

How can one say that a marriage is about to fail? Take a look at the following signs of break up in a marriage.

  • If your husband or wife feels sick having you as a partner, then it is a sign that your relationship is in danger. If you cannot change the way your partner feels, you will end up breaking up.
  • You often argue about silly things. Neither of you wants to give in. No one wants to apologize after the argument. It takes days before you talk.
  • You become unproductive because of your relationship.
  • You deliberately hurt each other emotionally and physically.
  • You can no longer imagine growing old together.
  • You don’t talk about your marriage issues. No common time.
  • There are no romantic moments, no making love.
  • Your spouse has cheated on you.
  • Coming home makes you feel dreadful. The presence of your spouse makes you sick.

When you see this signs, it may be over for both of you. But if you believe in second chances, you can still make your marriage work.

Relationship Advice

Your marriage might be in danger but if you still value your relationship and you want to save it for the kids, why don’t you give it another chance? Be the one to initiate the reconciliation. Reach out and find a common time to talk about your differences and try to settle them by meeting halfway. Compromise is needed to make things work. Every wrong thing can be corrected. Erase the painful experiences and start anew.

You once loved each other and you can find it again in your heart. Try to strengthen your relationship by having romantic moments. Rekindle romance and learn some ways to spice up your marriage. Forgive each other and try not to repeat the same mistakes again. Learn from them.

Your willingness to save your marriage is a good start. Act now before things get worse. Save your marriage. Save your home.




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