The Reasons Marriages Break Down

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Reasons Marriages Break DownWe regard marriage as an institution. People who get married have hopes in their heart that the relationship will last for long. Unfortunately, not all people who hope for a good marriage get what they hope for. It is just so sad that some marriages break down when they are supposed to be a lifetime commitment. However, we cannot really blame those who give their relationship up. The reasons why marriages break down are just too many.  Although a lot of societies now are in favour of divorce and annulment, there are still societies left that try to keep marriages intact.

But why do people get married and then separate after some time? What must be the reasons for divorce and separation? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons marriages break down. Check the following list of reasons.

  • Financial issues are one of the reasons married people separate. Money can really break a relationship if we let it consume the relationship. Arguments on how and where to spend money cannot be avoided between the wife and the husband.
  • In-laws. Although there are supportive in-laws, there are also monster in-laws. They would do anything to turn the marriage into hell. If the couple can no longer stand the torture, one may get tired and decides to go home and live with his/ her own parents. This will result to separation.
  • Incompatibility. Every individual is different from one another. Even couples have different views in life. If couples fail to reconcile their intellectual differences this can result to emotional distance that may eventually ruin the relationship.
  • Sexual issues. Couples have different fantasies in bed. They have different preferences. If they cannot find sexual compatibility, this may also lead to conflict and marriage break down. When one isn’t satisfied, he/ she may look for satisfaction in others. Sexual incompatibility then results to infidelity.
  • Duties and responsibilities when not divided equally can also lead to the breakdown of a marriage.
  • Miscommunication can also strain any relationship. There are things that should be discussed by partners. When these things aren’t expressed and aren’t talked about in a nice way, it can create conflicts and arguments. Miscommunication causes small things to get complicated. N

There are several ways that couples can do to address problems that may occur in a marriage. When these problems arise, a thorough discussion is really helpful in saving the relationship. Couples should try to fight the break down.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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