The Effects of Unhealthy Ego in a Relationship

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unhealthy ego in relationshipThere is nothing wrong having faith in yourself. In fact, it is good that you believe in yourself and your abilities. If you are confident enough, you can do everything to perform whatever task is assigned to you. However, your confidence could also lead to danger if you can’t handle it well. If you let it go beyond what is normal, it becomes a problem. It becomes an unhealthy ego. Having an unhealthy ego can affect your romantic relationship with someone.

The effects of an unhealthy ego in a relationship may include the following:

  • Limited friends. People who have an unhealthy ego tend to irritate others. No one would enjoy the company of a person who is over confident. It’s hard to establish a deep and strong connection with other people.
  • Refuse to change. Since they believe in themselves so much, they think and feel that there’s nothing wrong with them. They don’t want to embrace changes. They are not open to changes and new things. This can affect the way they relate with the people around them.
  • Frustrations. If they cannot build relationships with people they like, this causes them frustrations. People around them would not want to listen or mingle with them because of the attitude they have. They don’t get the love they long for.
  • Failures. Having too much faith in what they can do could lead them to failures, instead of success. Instead of getting love and maintaining a happy marriage, they will lose them before even having started.

When dating with someone who has this attitude, try to make him/ her realize how unhealthy it is to be this way. Relationships like marriage will not succeed if one has this behaviour. Take another look at the consequences.




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