The Effects of Grief in Romance

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grief in romance heartLosing someone you love is a very painful experience. That’s why we have the so-called bereavement. You mourn for a long time before you can finally move on. Healing is a long process and there’s no formula for it. You cannot buy a certain drug to heal the wound it created. What you can just do is to let time heal it. You cannot tell it when but you will just feel it that the pain is already lessened. It really takes time to cope with the death of a loved one.

Grieving over the loss of a loved one may have effects on relationships. Since it is an emotional process, it can affect the way you deal with your partner. Sadness goes along with grief. They go together. Other emotions that may be associated to it include anger, anxiety, and depression. When you have these emotions, you cannot perform your duties well. When you are in troubled, there are things that you cannot do well and your mind cannot function well. You may forget that you have a partner who needs your attention and affection.

On the other hand, if you lost a partner and now you are trying to build a new one with someone else, it can be difficult for you to open your hear again. You may begin to date again but emotionally you aren’t that prepared yet. This will be difficult for you. Furthermore, you also go through physical and sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness. These may happen when you are not really into it because you are preoccupied with many things. Hence, romance and intimacy are truly affected.

When you feel you aren’t ready yet to start a new relationship, don’t force yourself. Allow yourself to have ample time to accept what has happened. If you can do this, the faster your recovery will be. You can cope with loss faster by going out with people you enjoy to be with or just make yourself busy so that you won’t have time to think about your loss. Each one has his/ her own way of grieving and healing.




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