The Effects of Falling in Love

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falling in loveWhile falling in love might be the greatest feeling on earth, it could also be the worst and most painful experience of a person if it isn’t well-taken care of. The idea of falling in love actually gives excitement and joy to anyone. When you are in love, you are in ecstasy and your surroundings are just colourful. There’s music around that only you could hear. But as mentioned earlier, love could also be the source of grief and pain. It isn’t all about bliss. You can experience both sorrow and happiness in love. There are problems that go with falling in love, particularly if you fall for someone you are not supposed to love. What could be the dangers and effects of falling in love?

Falling in love could be a source of inspiration. It helps you to be better and more productive with the things that you do. You tend to be more inspired at work or at school when you have someone with you. You feel light and you don’t get tired with the things that you do. The special person you have is enough to ease your worries. The love you have for the person keeps you going. It gives you the energy to struggle with life. It serves as your reason to wake up each morning with smile on your face. When you are so down and desperate, love can give you hope.  Furthermore, it also benefits you physically. You become more conscious of yourself thus, helping you to improve your appearance. When you are in love, you tend to be blooming. You want to look good and smell fresh for the person you love.

On the other hand, falling in love could also lead you to failure and depression. When your love is unrequited, it could cause you to go astray. You lose your focus with the things that are more important and you become so lonely and depressed. Furthermore, when you don’t know how to handle your feelings well, it could destroy your life. Instead of doing better, you become so attached with the person and you neglect some other things that you need to attend to.

Use your heart wisely. Don’t let your heart destroy your character. Learn how to manage your feelings well.






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