The Effects of Bad Communication in Relationships

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Effects of bad communicationCommunication is very important in a relationship. There’s no room for healthy growth without communication. It is through communication that you talk about the issues that concern your relationship. It is through it that you express your emotions and thoughts. It is through it that you establish emotional attachment. The question now lies on how you are going to make it effective. Take the challenge of making it effective because if it is poor, you will suffer from the bad effects. Below is a list of the effects of bad communication in relationships.

  • Emotional distance. Lack of communication leads to emotional gap. If you have an ineffective communication, the tendency is you will not establish your attachment to each other. If you are unattached with one another, you will not be able to understand each other. Everybody knows how important it is to have common understanding.
  • Intimacy problems. Physical intimacy is also enhanced by communication. If you are not that open with one another, chances are you will choose to keep what you feel inside instead of sharing it with your partner.
  • Frequent fights. You will notice that misunderstanding will lead you to arguments and fights. If it is effective, you can prevent it the occurrence of complications.
  • Trust problems. Since you don’t actually know if you can rely on your partner or if he or she is trustworthy, you will just keep what you should share as couple. Moreover, it can also lead to suspicions.
  • Creates gap. When there is wall in between, you will not grow together. You will grow apart until you no longer find that your relationship is gone.

It is truly important to have an open and effective communication in any relationship to address problems or to avoid complications. A healthy relationship is built through communication.




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