The Effects of Adultery on Marriage

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The Effects of Adultery on MarriageAdultery is one of the leading reasons why many marriages break down. It is widespread. It is an act that is almost unforgiveable because it is a very apparent violation of marriage vows. Once it is committed by one of the couple, it will slowly ruin the relationship and the family built by two people who were once very much in love with each other. Infidelity in a marriage has a very huge impact on either of the wife or husband, including the kids. The pain is unbearable knowing that your spouse slept with another man or woman. The sexual act (extramarital sex) itself or even the emotional attachment with another person is something unconceivable.

This act has emotional and psychological impacts of on the part of the adulterer and the other half. It may not result to divorce or legal separation but it actually has several devastating effects and these include the following:

  • Lack of trust. After an affair, you cannot expect your partner to keep the trust you destroyed. There will be doubts after doubts. Once trust is gone, it will be difficult for you to have a harmonious relationship.
  • Cold treatment. Your wife or husband will find it hard to be intimate with you again.
  • Financial loss. When you engage in an affair, you cannot avoid spending money for the person. This will increase your expenses and it might also leave you broke.
  • Professional effect. When you committed the act in your workplace, there’s a tendency that your employment will be terminated, thus leaving you jobless.
  • Break down of marriage. When the trust is no longer there and your spouse seems to be hard and cannot forgive you for what you’ve done, your marriage will be at risk. The home you built together will be wrecked.

If you cannot afford to face these consequences, don’t ever try to commit adultery. Don’t let your dreams for your family be blown away.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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