The Disadvantages of Young Girls Getting Married

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young girls getting marriedDeciding to get married means you are committing yourself to a person you opt to marry. This is a serious decision that you make in your life. It’s a lifetime commitment. You cannot just quit when things go wrong. You have vows to keep. Before you get married, you need to think about it first. There’s no need for you to rush. However, there are young girls and boys that rush into this. They get excited with the idea of getting married. Little girls fantasize wearing bridal gowns. However, it isn’t a very good idea to get married at a young age. There are several disadvantages of young girls getting married. Let’s take a look at the following list:

  • Emotional effects. It can be a traumatic experience for them when their marriage will not work. Since they are not very ready emotionally, the relationship might not last.
  • Physical effects. When they get married at a very young age and get pregnant right after, there are tendencies that the physical health of the girls will be affected, particularly if they are still in the stage of growth and development. The baby inside their womb will be like a monster that will suck the nutrients up. This can cause health issues. Moreover, being sexually active may also cause them to develop diseases that they could get from their husband.
  • Literacy effects. If they get married so young and they don’t pursue their studies, they will have lack of education. Instead of doing school requirements and enjoying their school life, they perform their domestic duties as a wife and mother at the same time.
  • Social effects. They get deprived of fun and educational experiences from mingling with people of their age. Instead of socializing, they are confined at the four walls of their house performing their duties and responsibilities. They even sometimes forget to take good care of themselves.

There are more disadvantages than advantages of young girls getting married. Think about it before you even do any drastic move. Life is good. Savor its goodness while you are young.




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Date: September 6, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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