The Advantages of Cohabitation

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cohabitation advantagesLiving together before marriage has been the trend for the past few years. Many couples do not want to get married without trying their compatibility under one roof. For those who respect the sanctity of marriage, they condemn those who prefer to cohabitate before getting married. It’s a sign of disrespect of the institution of marriage. On the other hand, for people who are in favor of this kind of relationship, they have a number of reasons why they say it’s good.  Let’s not just look at the disadvantages of living together but let’s also consider the advantages of cohabitation. The pros include the following:

  • It’s not a lifetime commitment. The beauty of live-in relationships is that you are not committed to the person till death. Your relationship is time-bound. You can step out of it once it goes wrong. You don’t have to settle legal issues when you want to quit.
  • You can maintain your individuality while in a relationship. Inside a marriage, you are treated as one. What good does it do? You can enjoy activities on your own without worrying about your partner since it is a less serious relationship compared to a marriage.
  • There’s no ceremony. When there’s no ceremony, it means no hassle and no expenses.
  • You can test your compatibility about many things. The earlier you discover your partner’s personality traits when he/ she is at home, the better. You can test yourself if you can really get along well or not.
  • You can test your partner’s loyalty. The problem with some couples who get married without living together first is that they will just be surprised with cheating and infidelity issues at the course of the marriage. They didn’t know that their partner is actually capable of cheating.

Aside of these advantages, there are no other benefits you get from cohabitation. Everyone must respect the sanctity of marriage.




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