Stages you Go Through during a Breakup

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relationship break up stagesMoving on after a painful breakup isn’t easy. You have to go through stages and phases before you can finally cope with it. Healing a broken heart takes time. You cannot do it in just a few days.  Moving on is actually a process. Here are the stages you go through during a breakup.

  • Shock and numbness.  Upon hearing the hurtful words which spell goodbye, you get into the state of shock. You can’t believe the words you hear from your partner. You become speechless. You run out of words to say. You feel as though you are senseless.
  • Anger. After realizing that you’ve been dumped, you will get angry. You can’t help but feel mad at the person who broke your heart and tore you into pieces. You get mad at the situation you are into.  There’s also a point that you get mad at yourself for being a fool. You regret the things that you did for the person because after all those things, you got dumped. Here you are all alone.
  • Shame. You are afraid to face the world now that you’re alone. You feel worthless because you’ve been dumped by someone you love. You are afraid of what people may tell you and that they may say that you are a loser because your relationship failed. In this stage, your career/ studies get affected. You lose concentration at work or you don’t feel like going to work.
  • Acceptance. At this stage, you learn to face and accept what has happened. You are stronger to face reality that he/ she is gone and you are now alone. Once you are in this stage, you are already starting to heal the wound the break up has caused. It’s over and done and it’s time to face another chapter of your life. This is what acceptance is all about.
  • Healing. You start to go on with your life without bitterness. You feel that the pain has lessened. As part of the healing stage, you go out with friends and have fun with them. There’s realization that life is sweet even without the person. You realize that there’s more to life than just being into a relationship with your ex. You realize that you have been missing many things because of the relationship you had.

The good thing about breakups is that they help you realize many things. They widen your horizon and you will just say that it’s not really your loss but a blessing. Breakups also help you become a stronger person. Once you have moved on, you are already a changed person.





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