Stages of Dating in a Relationship

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stages of datingUnderstanding the process of dating and relationship is important for everyone to be guided. Establishing a romantic relationship becomes better and healthier when there’s enough knowledge about the phases you go through before you move on from one level to another. Check the following stages of dating and learn to run your relationship smoothly.

  • Excitement. Meeting someone new for the first time makes you feel excited and fascinated. This is a natural tendency and you cannot deny it.
  • Attraction. After the feeling of excitement, the next level/ phase is having the feeling of physical attraction toward the opposite sex. There’s a sense of admiration and the way you see you the person is more than just a friend. You feel this naturally even if there’s no hope whether you’re going to be together or not.
  • Uncertainty. Before you move on to a more serious level, you go through this stage. You contemplate whether the person you are attracted to is really the one for you. It’s in this stage where you get to decide if you are going to pursue your dating or relationship or simply put it to an end and just keep your friendship. You assess your feelings toward the person.
  • Exclusivity. Once you are certain with what you feel and with you do, you are now into exclusive dating. You have an agreement to be into an exclusive relationship. You go out and date regularly but this isn’t that serious yet. This also gives you the chance to check your compatibility as a couple as the case may be.
  • Intimacy. When you date exclusively, you become more comfortable with each other. Once you are in this stage, you begin kissing and touching each other. You become passionate with the things you do for your partner.
  • Engagement. You commit yourself to each other. It’s at this point that you celebrate your love and commitment.

Once you can pass through these phases and will be able to maintain a good relationship, you actually increase your chance to be in a marriage.




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Date: July 26, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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