Speed Dating Techniques – How to Make the Most Out of a Speed Dating Event!

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Speed Dating TechniquesWhen you are into the type of dating in which you get the chance to meet several people at once then, speed dating is just right for you. In this kind of dating, you meet other people so quickly. You are given a few minutes to talk to a certain person until a buzzer goes off. After the buzzer, the person decides whether he/ she moves on to the next person or stay with the person he/ she is talking to. If you want to have a better speed dating experience then, you’ve got to read the following tips on speed dating techniques.

  • Pay attention to your appearance. If you are really into it, you should make sure that you look good. Wear the right clothes to emphasize your assets. Observe good hygiene, too. Nobody would want to be with a person who smells like skunk (of course it was just an exaggeration).
  • Have confidence. With confidence, you can do the things that may seem difficult to do. Your confidence will help you get what you want.
  • Learn the art of flirting. Another important technique that you must learn is flirting. How do you express your interest without flirting? Establishing eye contact and touching the person are just ways to flirt.
  • Act natural. Don’t be nervous. You should fight the butterflies in your stomach. Learn how to conceal the nervousness to ease the tense in the situation.
  • Be meaningful. Carry out a short but meaningful conversation. Think of the significant questions to ask. Don’t dwell on the less significant topics. You can save them for later conversaions or future dates.

Speed dating is a fun dating experience. Enjoy meeting different people while you also share a slice of your life to others. Good luck!




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Date: March 26, 2013 | Category: Dating Tips
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