Special Ways to Propose a Marriage

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Special Ways to Propose a MarriageA marriage proposal has only one purpose-to get the sweet yes of a woman. Men differ in their ways to do it. They have various strategies in doing their proposal. There lies the difference. Some men follow the conventional way of doing it; others do have unique and special ways. What are the various ways to make it special? What are the factors to consider?


  • Place/ setting: You have to think of a good place to propose. Plan in advance.
  • Time: Find the perfect timing to do it.
  • Ring: Pick the best ring that you could offer to your beloved girlfriend.

Special Ways

Let’s take a look at the following special ways to propose a marriage.

  • Propose on board. This isn’t usual and that makes it special. Express your intention of making the woman a part of you in front of other passengers in the plane.
  • Give your girlfriend a treat at the spa for a body massage, pedicure, and manicure. At the end of the day, give her a gift basket containing cosmetics, perfumes, and the ring box. She least expects it and that will make it truly unique.
  • Have the bathtub ready for her bath with roses and scented candles. Tie the ring around a rubber ducky. When she discovers it, pop the question.
  • Buy a stuffed toy or a real pet then have the engagement ring tied around the neck of the pet. Propose to her upon seeing the ring.
  • Take your girlfriend to the top of the hill with a spectacular view. Let her savor the view. Then pop the question.
  • Give her a foot massage then put the ring on her toes.
  • Serve her breakfast in bed with the ring inside the shell of an oyster.

You can make your proposal really special if you know the preferences of your partner. It doesn’t have to be costly to make it special. Just use your creativity along with the available resources.




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