Signs your Relationship is not Going to the Next Level

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next level relationshipWhen you are attached in a relationship, you know and you feel when there’s something wrong with it. Your partner many not talk it out but you can sense weird things. You just know by heart that it’s in trouble. You try to save it but there are times when you cannot jut keep it because it’s no longer working. That’s how relationships go. How do you know that your relationship is stuck in one zone? Check the following signs your relationship is not going to the next level.

  • No interest. When your partner doesn’t want to talk about the next phase or level of your relationship, more likely, he/ she is not interested to move forward to the next level yet. It could also mean that he/ she is just satisfied and happy with what you have at the moment.
  • Distance. If the person becomes distant, it’s a sign that it’s stuck up. The signs that he/ she becomes distant include frequent calls and meet ups. If your partner seems fine without seeing you in a week, that’s alarming.
  • Satisfaction. The person seems happy and contented with what you have so far. There’s no sign that he/ she wants to level up.
  • Eagerness to be with other people. He/ She shows interest in dating other people or worst, he/she even tells right at your face.
  • Less passionate. If the passion is no longer there or it’s no longer burning, then there’s no hope that it will go to the next level.

It may be hard to accept at first but eventually you will be able to face the truth. There are really things that are not meant to stay forever. Bear in mind that nothing gold can stay. Maybe a better relationship is waiting for you out there.




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