Signs your Man Loves another Woman

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man love another womanFinding out that your man is interested with another woman is a very painful experience, more so if you learn that he is more than interested because he is already in love with her. Isn’t it a throbbing discovery? When you find yourself in this kind of situation, you get stunned. You don’t know how to react. On the other hand, you might also be mistaken. You might think that he loves another woman but actually he doesn’t. Check some signs your man loves another woman to be sure of what you feel.

  • He spends less time with you. He is trying to avoid you by making excuses. This could mean he enjoys the company of another woman. He prefers to spend time with her.  There’s no more excitement of being with you. he is happier when he is away from home.
  • He withdraws himself from the usual family activities. Instead of being with you, he sits in a corner pretending to be doing something. This could mean that he is being consumed by guilt of his infidelity. He doesn’t have the courage to face you and the kids.
  • He pays more attention to his appearance. He upgrades his wardrobe and he changes his scent. These could be signs that he is trying to impress another woman and that is not you.
  • He is very much attached to his phone. His phone is always with him. When it rings, he answers it in a distance. He seems to be hiding something. He might be talking to another woman and he doesn’t want you to hear the conversation.  When you check on it, it has a password which is unusual because he didn’t have one before.
  • He is defensive. When you ask him if he is having an affair, this causes him to get mad. Instead of answering it, he becomes angry and tries to escape.

When you these signs and symbols in your man, you must be alarmed. There’s a great possibility that he is having an affair.




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