Signs you Need a Divorce

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signs of divorceAlthough we believe that marriage is a sacred union, there are cases where in it is no longer working no matter how people try to fix it. There are instances that make you realize that it’s much better for you to decide to have a legal separation/ divorce. It is so sad but there is nothing we can do if all signs are pointing to one direction, that is, to let go of each other.

What are the indicators that your marriage is at the brink of falling apart? Let’s discuss some of the signs that you need a divorce. They are the following:

  • Frequent arguments. One of the very common and obvious signs that you need a divorce is the occurrence of frequent fights and arguments. It is even worse if you curse each other or you call each other bad names.
  • Dreaming about a life without your spouse. If you cannot bear to be separated from your wife/ husband, you will never think or imagine a life without him/ her. But if you think it is much better and happier to live a life without your spouse then you are unhappy about your marriage. Your marriage is in danger.
  • Keeping secrets. As a husband/ wife, you are not supposed to keep things from your partner. There should be sharing of secrets and private/ personal things.
  • No consultation. If you make decisions without consulting your wife/ husband, then your marriage is in trouble. You should be hand in hand in making decisions.
  • Lack of intimacy. Married couples are supposed to enjoy the intimacy benefits of marriage. Kissing, hugging, and making love are all part of having a spouse. But if you can no longer do these things or there’s no warmth and passion when you do these things, there’s something wrong with your relationship.
  • No time to spend together. Have you been neglecting each other recently? When was the last time you had a romantic holiday? If you have been missing good things of being together then you are in trouble.

These are the signs that your marriage is in danger. If you want to keep it, then do some thing before it’s too late. As much as possible, divorce should be the last option. Find out the causes of your marital problems and try to resolve them. Discuss with your spouse. Pray a lot and save your relationship.




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Date: June 8, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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