Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

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Signs that your Marriage is OverRobert Frost said that “Nothing gold can stay”. No matter how beautiful things may seem, there will come a time when they will reach a point of darkness. For instance, marriages start with good hopes in the hearts of couples. But not all marriages with good start will last. At one point or another, there are those that will be weakened by problems and challenges. There will be a point when holding on becomes hard and you have no choice but to loosen your grip and let go.

Below is a list of signs that your marriage is over.

  • Frequent fights. You fight and argue over trivial things. You allow small things to grow bigger and more complicated. You often find yourselves into this situation.
  • Recalling past events. It’s totally fine to look back and remember things that have happened in the past but when you continually refer to hurtful things in the past and take them against your spouse, it becomes a problem.
  • Communication gap. Is there a gap between the two of you? Do you feel like the person you married is now a stranger to you? These are signs that your marriage is in trouble.
  • Lack of respect. If you keep on shouting at each other to the point that you curse each other, it’s already a sign of disrespect. Another sign is when you deliberately hurt each other, physically or emotionally.
  • Keeping secrets. You no longer treat each other as partners. You keep things for yourself instead of sharing them to your spouse.
  • Lack of attraction. Do you find yourselves incompatible in bed? Is the romance gone? If your answer is yes then you might just lose your marriage anytime. Intimacy is a basic part of a marriage. Once it’s gone, the marriage is at risk.

When you see these signs in your marriage and you still want to save it, you must do something. But before you try to save it, there’s a need for you to assess if your relationship is worth saving.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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