Signs that you are Falling in Love

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woman is falling in loveFalling in love is such a great experience for anyone. It is the kind of experience that you cannot find anywhere. It gives you the experience to love and care for someone and to be loved and treasured in return. The joy and happiness brought be falling in love cannot be measured and explained by anyone, not even science. Falling in love is such a mystery. You cannot explain how you can say it’s actually love. You cannot even define what love is. You just enjoy the goodness it brings to your life. However, the word of love is not all about happiness and pleasure. Once you fall in love, you also prepare yourself to experience pain, sadness, confusion, rejection, and many other negative feelings.

How can you say that you are falling in love? How do you know you have been captured by someone? Let’s check the following signs that you are falling in love.

  • The person is on your mind constantly. This is the first sign that you are falling for someone. You cannot help but think of the person. Unconsciously, the person appears on your mind. This often causes you to imagine what the person might be doing.
  • The person makes you happy. When the person is around, you feel happy. Just by the sight of his/ her face makes you smile.
  • You feel nervous when the person is around. Another sign that you are attracted romantically is that you have butterflies in your stomach when you get close with the person. You also tend to be conscious with your looks. You are concerned with your appearance out of fear that you might disappoint the person.
  • You keep on talking about the person. In every conversation you are into, you always mention the person. You always find a way to insert something about him/ her. You just want the person to be a part of the conversation.
  • The person influences you. Whether you admit it or not, the person changes you in some ways. You let the person influence you.
  • You miss the person when you are apart. There’s this feeling that you want to be with the person all the time. When you aren’t together, you feel like something is missing.

There are many symbols and signs of falling in love. You can use your common sense to find out if a person is in love with you. Before you start a relationship, check your compatibility first.




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