Signs that She is Losing Interest in You

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losing interest in relationship signsWhen you are madly in love with your girlfriend, you sometimes fail to see changes in your partner. You don’t realize that she is already unhappy with you. You don’t realize that she is obviously showing you indicators that she is losing interest in you because you are too blind to see them. Don’t try to be in denial if the signs are already apparent. What are some indications that she’s losing interest in you? Take a look at the following symbols or signs:

  • She has a lot of reasons not to meet you. This is a very obvious sign because when you are in love with your partner, you will find ways to be there. But an unwilling heart will have a thousand excuses. She’s trying to stay away from you.
  • She prioritizes others over you. This is acceptable if it’s done once but if she does it all the time well, you should be alarmed. Your relationship is in trouble man.
  • She does not communicate with you regularly. You used to call each other very often but now, she cannot even send you a single text message. You don’t even chat online.
  • Another sign is that there’s less intimacy than usual. This is a big sign and you should not ignore it.
  • When she introduces you to a friend, she just tells your name and she doesn’t refer to you as her boyfriend. This could mean that she has demoted you in her mind. She’s really losing interest in you.
  • She freaks out over simple things and starts a fight. Don’t you find it weird? It could be a sign so do something to find out what is happening.
  • She starts making plans without you. She loves spending time with friends. When you want to hang out with her, she’s always unavailable. Well, it’s a symbol that you are about to lose her. You are about to be dumped.
  • If you discover that she’s cheating on you, then that means she’s no longer interested in you. She is happier with someone else.
  • She avoids talking about your future together. She doesn’t want to be with you anymore so why would she talk about her future with you? She might be considering break up already.

If you see these signs and you are afraid to lose her, you need to move and do something. Talk to her and discuss her issues. You could still patch things up. Ask for another chance to make things work. If there’s something about you that needs to be changed, then embrace changes to keep your relationship. Don’t give up on her easily. Do your part as a boyfriend.





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