Signs That He is a Player

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Signs That He is a PlayerA player is a man who is good at gaining attention from girls. He doesn’t find it difficult to attract a woman who catches her interest. He seems to have emptiness within that needs to be filled in. He tries to find affection from one woman to another. He finds no satisfaction in one woman so he tends to be with more than one woman at a time. He can do it with flying colours because of the words coming from his sweet tongue. A player is someone who cannot commit himself to just one person. Players are everywhere so you need to be careful with men around you. If there is a man who shows interest to you, you need to check if he is a player before you entertain him. Here are some signs that he is a player.

  • He is smooth. He looks so true when he talks. He claims to do right things. He agrees with your ideas. He tries to build a perfect image in your mind.
  • He is extra sweet. He tends to be so sweet with you because he is trying to impress you.
  • Good-looking. His charm is one of his weapons. Many girls fall for this bait. He seems to have an appeal that is hard to resist.
  • Mysterious. You don’t hear him talking about his life. He doesn’t talk about his past relationships.
  • A little aloof. He stays at a distance to make you want him more. After spending some time with you, he stays away as a part of his game to make you miss him.
  • Unavailability. There are times when he is not available when you try to reach him. He also appears offline on Facebook or on IM.
  • No constant communication. A guy who is serious about you finds time to call or test you no matter how busy he is. If this guy cannot even ask how you are doing, it’s a sign that he doesn’t think of you and most probably he is with another girl.
  • Charming. He is overly friendly even with your friends. He tries to gain their approval.

If you see most of these signs in the list, you must guard your heart from this man. Don’t fall for his bait. Stay away from him before you find yourself one of his victims.




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Date: November 2, 2011 | Category: General
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