Signs that a Man is Married and Cheating

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Signs that a Man is Married and CheatingA big number of married men do commit adultery. Infidelity is very common among married couples. This fact is so sad because infidelity often wrecks a beautiful home. There have been countless stories about broken homes and marriages. These sad stories often cause youngsters to go astray. They waste their lives because they feel they empty and lonely. Many kids do not know where they are going. They don’t know how to direct their lives. It is all because of broken families. The bottom line is cheating.

Don’t be an accomplice to the crime of breaking a home. Don’t even consider dating a married man. But there are instances where in women get deceived by unfaithful men. Cheating husbands are very good at pretending they are single and available. However, no matter how good they are we could still determine their real status. We can do it with the help of the following signs that a man is married and cheating.

  • Lack of commitment. If your boyfriend cannot commit himself to you totally, there’s a big reason behind it. He has a wife. He has a family. When you talk about marriage/ wedding, he feels guilty and as much as possible he doesn’t want to talk about it. He tries to direct it to another topic.
  • He doesn’t give you his phone number at home. You only have his mobile phone number. Almost everyone has a landline now. He is afraid to give it to you because he is hiding something. You will find it out once you call.
  • He drives a station wagon with toys in it. A single man without kids won’t drive one like this. He would go for something sporty and flashy.
  • He refuses to introduce his family and friends to you. He will try to fabricate a tragic story to get your sympathy and to stop you from asking further questions.
  • He frequently takes you on private dates. The reason is pretty obvious. He is trying to avoid situations that may reveal/ prove that he is married.
  • He contacts you at odd hours during the day/ night. He often texts/ calls you too early in the morning and too late at night. He is often unavailable during weekends.
  • His place is off-limits. You cannot go there because of many reasons.
  • Sex is his primary interest in your relationship. Men with extramarital affairs just want to have sex with other women besides their wife.

Don’t get engaged with a man who shows the aforementioned signs. Stay away from him and don’t let yourself fall for him. At the end of the day, he will still choose his family over you. Don’t be a fool. Don’t let him ruin your beautiful life.




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