Signs of Unavailable Men

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unavailable manMen are good at playing games with women. A large number of men have broken many hearts of women. They are very good at deceiving women. They can make women believe that they are single and available even if they aren’t. They can make poor women believe that they are sincere when they are not. Many men have fooled women once or twice. This is because of the naivety of women. Most women can be gullible at times so they easily fall in the trap of men. This time around, women should be wiser and smarter. Look for the signs of unavailable men. Check the following list.

  • Lack of commitment. Your relationship has no genuine commitment. He tries to avoid you when you ask him about your relationship. He never runs out of excuses. He cannot commit himself to you completely.
  • When you have this feeling that you don’t know where you should stand in his life, it could also be a danger sign that you are into a relationship with a committed man. You have this feeling because he makes you feel this way. The way he deals with you creates this feeling.
  • He ignores your requests and suggestions. He doesn’t care about you.
  • He breaks his promises frequently. He keeps on making promises but he doesn’t keep them. He breaks your plans to spend time together. He doesn’t prioritize you and the relationship you share.
  • Once he gets what he wants, he will definitely change in his behavior towards you.
  • He shows no respect as soon as he realizes you are not that important to him. This signals you to think about what you have. Is it worth keeping?

When you see these signs in your man, you better think carefully. Do something before you fall deeper.




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