Signs of Office Flirting

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Signs of Office FlirtingBeing a part of a company means you have to mingle with various people there. You meet many faces.  There are even cases in which you find yourself romantically attracted to one of your co-workers. Office romance is not a new thing. It actually happens everywhere. There’s nothing wrong about being attracted with a co-worker for as long as you are available. You just need to check the policy of the office about office romance. You might want to avoid violations.

If you are open to this kind of relationship, you can try it. Do you see any signs that your co-worker is interested in you? Is he/ she trying to catch your attention? Check the following signs of office flirting.

  • You get a lot of attention from the person. One obvious sign of flirting or attraction is when you observe that the person knows even the little things that you do. The person knows even the little things about you.
  • You receive offers. When the person goes out during break time, he or she offers you drinks or something to eat. The person is even willing to get something for you.
  • Compliments. You often hear the person appreciating you. You frequently get praises from him or her.
  • Availability. When you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, the person is always available to be there for you even if you don’t ask him or her. The person even helps you with your projects.
  • Spending time at your desk. The person makes sure that he or she greets you in the morning and when he or she is free, he/ she comes to your desk and hang out there. This is a sign that he/ she just wants to be close to you.
  • Self-consciousness. The person becomes so conscious about his/ her looks when you are around.

When it is time to go home, the person stays close hoping that you will go home together. If he/ she has a car, he/ she offers you to hitch.




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