Signs of Love and Respect

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signs of love and respectWhen you know and feel that you are being loved and respected, especially by your partner, your self-worth increases. It is really nice to feel that you are valued by the person you value. These two things are expected from a good partner. In what instances can you say that you get these from your partner? Check the following signs of love and respect.

  • Sense of commitment. When you see that your partner is really attached or committed to you, you must consider yourself lucky. You got a good partner. When someone is committed to you, there’s no room for surrender. The person stands by you no matter what happens. He/ She sticks with you even during tough times. Those who are not committed can easily step out of a relationship once there are problems.
  • Listening ears. You can tell that love and respect are present when you can tell anything to your partner. You tell everything because you know that he/ she listens well. The person pays attention to what you are saying.
  • Sense of compassion. You know you are loved when you can feel that your partner shares with your pain. He/ She knows when you are in pain, when you are troubled, and when you are in trouble. The person will try to help you ease the pain you feel.
  • Promises are kept. Keeping your promises to someone is a way of showing that you respect the person. Don’t just make promises. Keep them and show that you are a man of honor.
  • Faithfulness. Being faithful and loyal to your partner means that you love and respect him/ her and your relationship.

You can actually feel in your heart if you have these in your relationship. Savor these things but don’t forget to give them back.




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