Signs of Infatuation with a Co-worker

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Signs of Infatuation with a Co-workerOffice romances have becoming popular these days. Well, we cannot blame those who fall for their co-workers. They spend a lot of time together and because of this they get to know each other well. They establish a good relationship with each other and then later on they will feel comfortable sharing secrets with one another. This degree of closeness can really lead to infatuation if the feelings are not well-taken care of. Infatuation can be a start of a romantic relationship. If you are interested in a co-worker and you’d like to determine if you are infatuated with him or her then take a look at the following signs of infatuation with a co-worker.

  • You can’t take your eyes off the person. You keep on staring at the person whenever you get the chance. It’s your happiness to see the person. You are not even conscious that you are actually looking at the person constantly. When you get caught, you blush out of embarrassment.
  • The person is on your mind constantly. When you don’t see the person he or she is still on your mind. You cannot get rid of thoughts of him or her no matter what you do. This is really a great sign that you are into the person.
  • There’s physical attraction. When you are infatuated with a person you are physically attracted. You feel something strange whenever you get the chance to get close with the person. You blush because of the person’s presence. You also have fantasies that you want to hold the person in your hands.
  • You get conscious. You want to wear something to be more beautiful in the person’s eyes. You pick the best clothes for work.

A person who is infatuated with a co-worker finds ways to get closer with him/ her. Beware with your feelings, especially if the person is no longer available.




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