Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

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unhealthy relationship signsRelationships are here to complete our life. They are a part of healthy living actually. The thing is, there is no perfect relationship. Individuals become happy in a relationship because they find satisfaction and not perfection. If you look for a perfect relationship, you will never find one. Relationships can just add meaning to our life. They give colors to our world. However, there are relationships that make our life unhealthy, unproductive, and lonely. They get in our way and prevent is from growing. What are the indicators of an unhealthy relationship? Look for the following signs of an unhealthy relationship.

  • Lack of mutual respect. Respect is very essential in any relationship for without this you will never have a good one. There’s no happiness without respect. If you don’t give your partner a high regard then you don’t respect him/ her and more likely you are in an unhealthy relationship. this is actually one of the early signs of a bad relationship.
  • Poor communication. Another important key to make a relationship work is communication. You have to talk about your feelings and thoughts to your partner. If there’s something wrong, you have to talk about it. No issues will be solved if there’s no open communication.
  • Lack of honesty. Being honest to each other is very much needed. Once you lie about anything, it will give a feeling of betrayal which isn’t good.
  • Lack of trust. If you don’t trust your partner, you will never have peace of mind. You will have doubts all the time and that will make your relationship unhealthy. Those who don’t have trust in their partner have a problem with insecurity.
  • Controlling partner. Does your partner try to dictate you all the time? Is there a feeling that you cannot decide for yourself? If you say yes, you are definitely in a suffocating relationship.
  • Frequent arguments. Do you always fight over trivial things and there’s no compromise at all? Do you often shout at each other to the point that you even curse your partner? If your answer is yes, you are definitely in an unhealthy relationship.
  • Physical and emotional abuse. If there are instances that you feel physically or emotionally abused, then maybe it’s time to step out of the relationship. It’s not just unhealthy but it is abusive and hopeless.
  • No effort to spend time together. This means only one thing, that is, you don’t want to be with each other and you’d rather do other things with other people.

Once a relationship becomes a hindrance to your plans and it makes you feel that you can no longer breathe, consider stepping out of it. It’s suffocating and so unhealthy. Free yourself from it. Let go and move on. Letting go may be hard especially if you truly care for your boyfriend/ girlfriend but it’s the better thing to do. But if you think there’s still hope for what you have then find the solutions.




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