Signs of an Abusive Marriage

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Signs of an abusive marriageWhen you feel that there’s something wrong in your relationship, the first thought that comes into your mind is to step out of it. Stepping out of a relationship is a big decision that you make. It is not easy to take it back once you have said it. That is why you have to have a clear big reason to break up with your partner, especially in a marriage. One good reason to end a marriage is if you are unhappy about it because it is becoming abusive and oppressive. How do you know that you are into an abusive marriage? Take a look at the following signs of an abusive marriage and evaluate your relationship.

  • You have a controlling spouse. Your spouse always tries to get what he/ she wants by being manipulative and domineering. This kind of behaviour makes you feel suffocated and unable to breathe. It is really unhealthy to have this feeling because both parties are supposed to be enjoying equal rights within a marriage.
  • You are forced to have sex. Sexual abuse also happens inside a marriage. This happens when the husband forces the wife to have sex with him when the wife is not in the mood to do it. Asking the partner to do a degrading sexual activity is another sign of violence. Intimacy, especially lovemaking should be a voluntary act of both parties. It should not be one-sided so that it will bring pleasure to both parties. When the wife is not into it, the husband should respect his woman.
  • Your partner tries to hurt you physically. Your partner even threatens to kill you. This is a very apparent sign that your spouse is violent. If you have reached this extent, you better get out of it and save your life, including your kids if you have any.
  • You have a limited access to money, phone, and other things. This is also a sign of an abusive marriage. You are being deprived of your rights as an individual.
  • You are not free to go out with family and friends. Your spouse prevents you from seeing the people who are dear to you. He simply wants you to be around him.

Do you see these signs? If your answer is yes then start packing up your things and step out of your relationship while you still have the time.




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Date: April 18, 2012 | Category: Marriage Problems
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