Signs of Adultery

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signs of adulteryInfidelity in a relationship, particularly in a marriage is a very serious thing. It needs to be discussed between the couple. Adultery can lead to broken homes and broken hearts. It is important to be aware of the signs of a cheating husband or wife as early as possible so that the relationship can still be saved or fixed. Check the following signs of adultery and do something about your relationship:

  • Withdrawal from normal family activities or get together. This is actually associated with guilt. A cheating spouse feels uncomfortable interacting with the family members.
  • Changes in the location of her purse and his phone. Your partner is becoming very protective of his/ her phone. These changes could mean that your spouse or partner is trying to hide something.
  • Another possible sign of adultery is when he/ she wants to have sex more or less than usual, then something must be up.
  • When your partner is becoming secretive about several things, it is another sign that there’s something going on at your back.
  • Having a lot of excuses to go out often without you. This is an alarming sign.
  • Becoming more and more conscious with his/ her personal appearance. He/ She suddenly changes his/ her wardrobe or outfit which is unusual.
  • Another possible sign of adultery is when your partner runs into the other room or stays at a distance to answer a call. This is very unusual when he usually talks on the phone in front of you.
  • An adulterous husband has sudden cheerful attitude which makes him whistle or smile more than usual.
  • A sudden or frequent short trip to store at night is another sign that your spouse is cheating. This is a trick of a wise adulterer.
  • Another alarming sign is a sudden discussion of divorce or separation.

These are signs that your partner is having an affair. If you see the aforementioned signs, prepare yourself to confront your partner.




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Date: July 26, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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