Signs of a Womanizer

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signs of a womanizerWomanizers are great players of the game called love. They can make you feel that you are loved but in reality they don’t. They just want to hook you up, play with your heart, and get what they want. Eventually, they will get tired of you and will dump you like a trash. They are certified heartbreakers. If you have pictures of a womanizer in mind, those are exactly what I am talking about.

When you are into a relationship with a womanizer, you often experience pain and problems. But the thing is they are good at what they do. For those who are unaware of the signs of a womanizer, well we will list down some of the signs and symbols that your man is a womanizer.

  • He is very romantic. Every guy has a romantic side but a womanizer plots his scheme on you. He takes you to secluded locations with a very lovely set up so that you will be fasninated and mesmerized.
  • He tells you words that you need to hear. He makes you a gullible girl and it is all part of his plan.
  • He gives you little time each week. There’s a chance that he is busy wooing other women. This causes you to wonder.
  • He seems to take everything without giving back. A guy who is not really in love with you will likely come around when he needs sexual favors. You don’t feel the emotional connection you desire. He can’t give it to you because he is not attached to you emotionally at all.
  • He is unwilling to commit himself. A womanizer is afraid of serious commitments. At first he talks about forming a committed relationship but you will not see him exerting any effort. He doesn’t make any romantic vows.
  • He has a sudden mood change. He is nice in a minute, then he will be frustrated with you the next minute. He acts this way because he doesn’t want you to ask. He doesn’t want to get caught. This kind of treatment shows that he isn’t faithful to you.

When you see these signs in your man, you have to slow down. The best thing you can do is don’t trust him completely. Don’t give in to his sexual desires or else you’ll be sorry.





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Date: June 14, 2011 | Category: General
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