Signs of a Jealous Partner

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jealous partnerWhile jealousy is a manifestation of love, it can also be suffocating when it’s too much. Having an overly jealous partner also makes you sick. When you see early signs or symptoms that your partner is a jealous one, you might find a way to at least control his/ her behavior. Dealing with a partner like this is much easier if you know that you have one. Learn some signs of a jealous partner. Read the following list.

  • Accusations. A partner who seems to accuse you of flirting with other people around is more likely a jealous one. If he/ she accuses you of cheating and that you are having affairs, it’s a sign that he/ she is jealous. The person is trying to make you feel guilty.
  • Possessiveness. It’s natural to claim that you own your partner but not to the extent of acting like crazy. Your partner is jealous if he prevents you from spending time with other people like your friends. When you insist to do it, he/she gets mad. He/ She has the fear of losing you that’s why he/ she tries to compete with other people dear to you.
  • Controlling. Does he/ she try to come in between with the things you do? If you feel that you are being controlled in almost everything that’s no longer healthy. It’s an alarming sign.
  • Spying. If he/ she tries to monitor you by secretly following you when you go to work, it’s a sign of extreme jealousy. There’s no trust already. Your partner is clouded with doubts and suspicions.
  • Questions. In a relationship, it’s normal to get updates from each other. However, it becomes weird when too much questions are being thrown at you. This causes you to feel like you are a criminal being interrogated by a judge.

There’s nothing wrong being with a jealous partner for as long as the jealousy is healthy. Just bear with your partner and enjoy being in love.




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Date: July 13, 2011 | Category: Jealousy
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