Signs of a Committed Relationship

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Commitment is not just a decision of an individual. It needs to be a mutual agreement of two hearts with one goal, that is, to be together for a long time. When you decide to be in a serious relationship, you need to put your heart in it. There should be no doubts in your mind. Your intentions are often revealed in the kind of relationship you share. Let’s open our eyes with the signs of a committed relationship.

  • Love. There is love in a committed relationship. It’s the kind of love that can withstand any tests of time. In a committed relationship, the couple stays strong no matter what the circumstance is. The love they have for each other is enough to keep them going even in tough times. It binds them together and helps them grow with each other.
  • Respect. There is respect when you care about your partner’s views, philosophies, hopes, dreams, and plans. You don’t make your relationship a hindrance for your partner’s aspirations. Respect is an essential element of a healthy relationship. If you share a committed relationship, then it must be healthy.
  • Trust and Honesty. No relationship can survive without trust. You are worthy of each other’s trust and you trust each other. Your partner is faithful and vice versa. You don’t keep secrets from your partner. You are open to anything. You tell your sweetheart your past, fears, problems, weaknesses, and even your plans. You aren’t afraid to show your weaknesses as a man/ woman.
  • Loyalty. It is not a serious/ committed relationship if there’s no loyalty. It is a hollow relationship if loyalty is absent.
  • Happiness. You love spending time together. It is your happiness to be with each other. You feel incomplete when you don’t get the chance to see your partner.
  • Support. You are always there for your partner. You give your moral, emotional, and financial support.
  • Engagement. A sense of engagement is a very obvious sign of a committed relationship. Once you engage yourself to a person, you surrender everything.

When you see these signs in your relationship, then most probably you are into a committed relationship. If you feel happy in it, do everything to make it work and treasure it.




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