Signs a Man is Ready to Settle Down

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guy is ready to settle downHave you been waiting for a marriage proposal from your boyfriend? Do you feel like he doesn’t have any plans to marry you at all? It’s really frustrating when you have this kind of feeling. Well, you might be wrong. There may be signs that he is ready to tie the knot with you but you just don’t notice them. Observe your guy and check the following signs a man is ready to settle down.

  • He has no eagerness to be with his friends and go out at night. This is one good sign that he is tired of nightlife and he is so done hanging out with his friends doing things that aren’t really necessary. He has come to realize that life is not all about having fun and drinking at the bars.
  • He is open for discussion about marriage. Before he was avoiding such topic but now he is into discussing about marriage. He even initiates the discussion. This goes to show that he is interested already.
  • He wants a lifestyle change. You can see in him the urge to make his life better. He is tired of being alone in his pad or eating alone. He wants someone to share the house with.
  • He becomes more responsible. He is already concerned with his finances. He doesn’t spend extravagantly. He starts to invest. This is also a good sign that he is ready to settle down.
  • He loves spending time with you even there’s no lovemaking. He is after your company, affection, and care.
  • He starts to envy his married friends. This causes him to think. He talks about how happy his friends are with their own families. Chances are he is envious and he wants babies too.

It’s not really hard to tell if a man is ready to settle down or not. You can feel it and he will try to let you know.




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